About Shangri-Lu, Papua and the meaning of life

The soothing rain is knoсking upon the roof. Simon`s wooden house hastily hammered together fell into a deep sleep. Two of our guides and a whole team of porters are sleeping in the next room. Judging by the rumbling snor, everybody are exhausted. Now, in a relative safety, the men finally dared to relax . Only Simon is quietly walking around the house, checking the locks on the doors and windows. I can hear the creaking of the floorboards under his feet. We are his guests and he care of us.

I'm lying on a straw mat, right on the wooden floor in a room with no furniture, having wrapped in a dirty and damp sleeping bag. The candle is burning down in the corner of the room, and next to me my best friend and the most important companion in my expeditions - Svetlana is snuffling heavily and sweetly. Now I start realizing that everything is over.... but my brain and my body is still on the alert, and I’m listening to any sound beyond the walls of the room. Only yesterday just at this time we were thinking how we were giong to ascape from the aggressive tribe at night in a pitch darkness, in the midst of the impenetrable jungle.

Along with the river monster

The background. One frosty evening last December I was hiding from Moscow bustle and hustle at home... I do adore big cities but at the same time I nearly hate them...giving us great opportunities they require too much in return.

To see the Kongo and not die.

Today I`d like to tell you about my journey to the Central African Republic. I have two wonderful friends, with whom with a glass of wine I can spend hours discussing books and articles having read recently. One cold Moscow evening we were talking about the most famous politician- dictator and the cannibal in the history of Africa .Thus I first learned about the sadist, murderer, tyrant and the most famous high-ranker cannibal Jean-Bodele the Bokassa.

Olga Michi

Being ambitious, I do not like to be impressed about the country on the stories of other people. I need to see everything, to become aware of and verify. I am not a dedicated tourist, and hitchhiking on Africa is not for me-first in my travels is security. But I am sure that there are no borders for people curious and inquisitive, and my travels have confirmed that the trip may be unique and comfortable. When visiting each country must abide by its rules, but I do know that charm and friendliness can open any door. In addition, I believe that the ability to see and contemplate the beautiful even in the very small turns any trip into an exciting adventure.